Sunday, November 16, 2008

jQuery backgroundCanvas update

Do you know jQuery? It is a famous JavaScript framework for DOM manipulation.

It was turn of the year 2007/2008, i asked about design possibilities for our new homepage. Because our new software has a "Office 2007 Ribbon", i want to have round corners, gradients and a fluent layout. Staff members told me, this is impossible because you cannot have scaling background gradient images in CSS. And if we will clutter the html markup with layouting DIVs, we will be ranked badly by Google. I thought: Search engine optimization is important, this argument strikes. But i don't want to give up, therefore i looked in my spare time after other solutions. I was new in web developement and everybody told me, that i wouldn't find something. Ok, the web pros know what they talk about? Or not:

I found an interesting HTML element, which brings the solution: The canvas. Inserting a canvas object in the web page and drawing on it gives all the possibilities i want to have. I've developed a jQuery plugin for this in my spare time and it is great. Look at my private homepage:
jQuery backgroundCanvas plugin

I've just moved the source to Goggle Code and updated it. It is licensed under LGPL and easy to use.

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