Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Project MSE-iT Upgrade Framework starts

As mentioned in previous posts, i want to have a declarative way to tag upgrades in code. After some research i came to conclusion that this can be separated in a own library or framework. It should bring a generalized form to tag upgrades to a object model. Any object persistence implementation can use this framework to generate upgrades and downgrades of persistent data.

To put it simply: The framework expresses an upgrade and an downgrade path for a type:
Upgrade("TypeName") -> List
Downgrade("TypeName") -> List

The backup and sync provider can use this list to perform the real actions on the datastore. Of course this methods don't exist because real world upgrade scenarios are more complex. I will publish the real API on first release.

The project will be hosted on CodePlex, open source, GPL licensed and is currently in setup state. Hiere is the Project: MSE-iT Upgrade Framework on CodePlex But for the moment, it is not published. I will post when i check in the initial development.

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